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Section on how Auto Town strives for the best quality for their customers/gives them a warranty/etc (give piece of mind)

  1. What does it cover?

    Our vehicle warranty covers any powertrain or internal lubed components. Covering only 25% of the labor of any repair and 25% of the cost of parts

  2. How long does the warranty last?

    All of our vehicles come with the same warranty, which lasts 30 days/1000 miles, whichever comes first

  3. What is the deductible?

    Our warranty does not have a deductible, so if any covered part where to need repair we will not require you to pay any amount prior to repair

  4. Who does the repairs?

    Auto Town only works with the finest family run repair facilities servicing the Morgantown area. Subeworx and Tire Land are our main repair shops and complete repairs in quickly to get you back on the road faster

  5. Does it cost anything?

    No, our warranties do not cost you a dime! All of the vehicles sold here at Auto Town come with the same warranty to ensure our vehicles are tip top shape

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